our Disney princesses

princessesWhen we were young we all looked up to our Disney princesses , we thought they had the perfect lifestyle living in a castle getting everything they wanted , and they always got their “prince charming” at the end . For example in Cinderella we see her being slaved around the house and being forced to clean up everything while her two step sisters and step mother do nothing but watch her clean and laugh . One day she goes to a Ball behind her step mothers back loses her glass slipper and some prince finds it , he than tries to find out who the slipper belongs to . Once he finds out it belongs to Cinderella he gives it back to her it than leaves them to get married and make her have a happily ending to her story .But once you get older you learn more things and learn that these “fairy tales and princesses” weren’t all true . According to some comments I found on a site people put their comments about the Disney princesses and what they think of them, because in their point of view they don’t think that the princesses are not as perfect as they seem to be . When little kids see the Disney movies they look up to their princesses and they would want to follow the footsteps of their princesses. One step that the children can follow is the fact that they see all these princesses all thin and skinny they think that because their princesses is like that well they should be like that also . Disney princesses can also give the impression of the only way you can escape you horrible living conditions is by marring a wealthy man . I decided to look up information on what other people thought about our Disney princesses and what do they think about them.

When stumbling upon this blog their girl commented on 2 major Disney princesses (1- little mermaid , 2- jasmine) . the girl starts off her blog with the little mermaid and tells how the Disney version tells the story she says the story is about a young mermaid princess by the name of Ariel she feels trapped in her underwater world and decides to explore the surface and see what its all about . She spots a person who she falls madly in love with. Her dad eventually finds out and bans her from going up on the surface. She than makes a trade with a sea witch and trades her voice for her legs in order she can see her again. Like every other Disney story she got her happily ever after ending. But for the girl writing the blog her interpretation and understanding of the is that the movie is basically about a girl who trades her voice hoping she is getting “some action with a hot guy she just met”.

Aladdin is a movie about a princess who meets a poor boy named Aladdin , who is disguised as a prince, Aladdin has a gene who grants Aladdin’s wishes. The princess and Aladdin fall in love and plan to get married. The princess’s father accepts and approves of this marriage. Later on the Sultans adviser Jafar , hypnotizes the sultan and tries to marry the princess . The princesses than get kidnapped and tied up by Jafar . Aladdin manages to save the princess with the help of his Gene and lives a happy life with the princess. The bloggers understanding of the movie is “a young girl falls in love with a d-bag who lies about everything. She then is imprisoned by an evil older man who wants to marry her and probably do inappropriate things”

The Disney princesses were not so innocent as they thought to be , they mislead the children in thinking that you had to be thin , and everyone’s lives will be like the Disney stories.

In a picture I found talking about Disney princesses its talks about the 5 major princesses and the truth about each one for them :

Snow White (1937) –  ” her burgeoning sexuality is a threat to another women, so shes killed . Her only asset , physical beauty is what saves her in the end.”

Sleeping Beauty (1959) – “ betrothed at birth to solidify a political position she is killed by another women out of spite, Her owner fiance saves her with a kiss. again sex is her only salvation.

Jamine (1992) – “the princess must get married to satisfy the requirements of the law. Her reluctance to do so causes her powerful father no end of trouble. She is enslaved by powerful man and is only saved by the wilt of a street rat.

Ariel (1989) – “ this one drastically changes her physical appearance so as to be attractive to man. The price is that she cant speak . No problem , she has nothing to value to say anyhow she is saved by a prince

Belle (1991) – Saves a princes life with her only asset . her sexuality

cinderella (1950) – she is saved from terrible living conditions by a prince , He does this not because shes such a hard worker but because she is beautiful


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