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Disney movies are movies that we all enjoyed as a little child . When we were young we always used to watch Disney movies and just admire the colors and the images in the movie and laugh at the little things that were to happen in the movie , since we never understood the subliminal messages that were hidden throughout the movies. When we were young we always looked up to the Disney princesses like nothing was wrong with their lives and that our lives would be perfect just like theirs. Now that our brains are more developed,  If we were to look back at these Disney movies we were to analyze each scene little by little we were to find a subliminal message in nearly almost every scene. Compare Disney movies to now compare to when we watched them back then is completely different  , our mentality of thinking now is different and we wouldn’t be able to re watch that certain Disney movie because we are trying to find that certain scene that has the “hidden message”. In this Article I will be talking about the subliminal messages found in some of the classical Disney movies ,  I will also talk  about how Disney movies convey the wrong message about the Disney.


When we were all young little kids we all wanted to sit near the television and spend the whole day watching our favorite Disney movie over and over again until we were annoyed of the movie and wanted to watch a different movie. When I was young just like every other kid I used to love watching Disney movies and watch the bright vibrant colors flashing in my face and they were funny and we were able to watch the movies over and over. Now that our brains have developed and we understand more than what we used to back then, and we would try and re-watch out favorite all time Disney movies like for example Little mermaid, snow white, the lion king etc , we were to  look at them differently and we would understand the jokes more but most of all we would be able to spot things that we weren’t able to spot in these movies when we were kids. For example take the Little Mermaid cover box, if we were to look at the cover when we were young we would think nothing is wrong with the cover because all we were to see is little mermaid the castle with Prince Eric and other characters from the movie. But if you were to look at the cover carefully now you are able to see a picture of a penis used a as a piece of the castle. Some people say that it is false and it is not a penis but some convey and say that it is a penis and was put n the original VHS cover of the movie because the person who was helping to make the cover of little Mermaid was mad with the company. I find that if a child were to see that image on the cover of the DVD they might not even realize what the image can be and not bother asking questions about the cover, But if a child is curious a were to ask their family about the cover the parents were to be in shock of what they see on a cover of a Disney movie. Another example of a subliminal message is in the movie the rescuers. In the movie the rescuers we see 2 rats going on a stroll around town together in a sardine can at one point during the scene they pass by a poster witch happens to be an image of an old lady naked . Even if the image is not that clear when going through the scene, it is visible if you were to pause the movie on that particular scene. To have an image of a naked lady in a Disney movie is quit shocking and surprising to know that a Disney movie that is supposed to be a movie for children would have an image like that.

The Disney princesses in the movies are not so innocent or “role models” as they seem to be .They give out the wrong messages to the young children and make them think things. When we were young and children from today when they followed or wanted to follow their  Disney princesses they think that they need to be super skinny just like them since every Disney princesses is super skinny , or that no matter how hard their life is your “prince charming” will sweep you off your feet and everything will be okay .But if we were to look at the princesses now we don’t think the same way they each convey a different message in each Disney movie. Take for example the movies Snow White , Sleeping Beauty , Jasmine , Ariel and Belle. They each conveyed a different type of story line and they are all connived to giving your body up for sex. In the original versions of the Disney movies Each princess was either raped, gave their body up . For example Snow White, her sexuality and beauty is a threat to her step mother therefore she kills herself and the only aspect that saves snow white in the end of the story is her beauty. Whereas in the movie Sleeping Beauty , sleeping beauty is “killed” by a women out of spite and the only thing that saves her is sex. Also in the story The Little Mermaid, Ariel the only way Ariel is able to save a prince is her assets of her sexuality .I find that the movie The little Mermaid also tries and tell the viewers and the little children that its okay to abandon your family and friends for a man and because he will notice you


In conclusion Disney movies consist of many hidden messages and give many hidden messages that young kids dont understand when they are young.  We only understand these messages when we are older ans understand the disney movie clearer .

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