The Little Mermaid

Disney Version

The Little Mermaid is a movie about a 16 year old princess who lives under the sea and is curious about the human world. Ariel collects human artifacts and goes to the surface of the ocean to visit  Scuttle the seagull, who offers knowledge about the human culture. Ariel’s father warns Ariel not to have any contact between her and the humans because it is forbidden. One night Ariel decides to go to the ocean surface to watch a celebration for the birthday of Prince Eric that took place on a ship. During the night the ship Crashed and Ariel saves Eric from drowning, she than starts singing to Eric until he regains his conscious, as soon as she saw he regained his conscious she quickly ran away.  Ariel fell deeply in love with Eric that she went to see Ursula (evil sea creature) and made a deal with her. Since Ariel wanted to transform into human so badly Ursula proposed her a deal that Ariel couldn’t pass , this deal was transform Ariel  into a human for three days in exchange for her  voice, which than Ursula puts  nautilus shell. Within these three days, Ariel must receive the “kiss of true love” from Eric; otherwise, she will transform back into a mermaid and belong to Ursula. Since Ursula really wanted Ariel to belong to her she decided to disguise herself as a young woman named Vanessa and appears onshore singing with Ariel’s voice. Eric than recognizes the song and, in her disguise, Ursula casts a hypnotic enchantment on Eric to make him forget about Ariel. Realizing that Ariel had saved his life, Eric rushes to kiss her, but the sun sets and Ariel transforms back into a mermaid. Ursula’s power breaks. Realizing that Ariel truly loves Eric, Triton willingly changes her from a mermaid into a human. Ariel and Eric marry on a ship and depart.



Original version Edmund Dulac - The Mermaid - The Prince.jpg

In the original movie Ariel takes a potion that’s helps Ariel changes her legs into human legs so she can fall in love with someone. Even though she was in so much pain because of the transformation she still decided to dance the night away with the prince in hopes that he will fall in love with her. But the prince decided to go and marry someone else who led Ariel to be heartbroken and lonely. Since she did not fall in love with Eric and he did not marry her, she is unable to return to the sea. Since she was unable to return to the sea her sister decided to sell their hair for a knife that will end up changing her back into the mermaid, only if Ariel kills the Prince. But since Ariel was unable to do such a cruel thing she decides to throw herself into the sea in attempts to end all her pain and suffering. Before she was able to drown the daughters of the air took pity on Ariel and decided to change her into an air spirit like them.

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