The reasons behind it all…

Just like any person I was curious to the reasoning behind all these “hidden messages” in disney movies. I was shocked to find out that thee were many movies that had things hidding in certain scenes in the movie .

1)  The Lion King-

When reading about the lion king and finding out that there were many sibliminal messages in the movie I was surprised . For example in the scene where Pumba , Timon and Simba are lying down on the floor and Simba plops down onto the ground which led to forming dust particles in the air. These little particles go into the air and form the word “S-E-X”. This scenes happens so quickly that we cant see it right away. But it is said that the animators wanted to spell out “S-F-X” an abbreviation for Disney’s special effects department. But as you can all see in the video that was posted in the blog in almost every scene the word SEX is in it and is hidden .

2)  The Little Mermaid-

Another classic movie that brought my attention was the little Mermaid . If you were to look at the cover box of the little mermaid . As we all know by now their is an image of a penis is the back used as a castle piece. It is defiantly something that you wouldn’t spot right away unless you really look at the casing carefully.It has been confirmed that  that the artists added this drawing in the castle because he was angry at Disney Studios .

3) The Rescuers-

It has been proven that in this movie when  Bianca and Bernard are riding through the city in a sardine box. we see a picture of a lady lady in the scene. There is no explanation to why it was in the scene but it has been conformed that it was a picture of a naked lady.

4) Who Framed Roger Rabbit?-

Once again their is no explanation explaining why this happened in the movie but it was proven and conformed that in this movie we see  Jessica Rabbits dress fly up in the scenes “This next message is in the last two frames of the scene and comes very quickly. Jessica Rabbit bounces out a taxi and as the scene continues, Disney’s Chief Executive, Michael Eisner’s telephone number appears to be on the toon town wall. In another scene, once again, Jessica Rabbit hops out of a taxi and her skirt flies up. As her skirt flies up, it shows her nude with her legs open for only a couple frames.”

5) Beauty and the Beast-

I was shocked to see that  in t Beauty and The beast the word “SEX”  appears in this movie over 8 times. The word appears in the least obvious places. Another message shown in the movie is  the diablo hand sign appears over 4 times in the movie itself.

It is said that the Disney animators added these subliminal messages for their own humor. Since they were tired of always drawing the same things over and over again they decided to add symbols or messages that they would only see and wouldn’t think others would see it or understand the meaning.Once these movies were put out on DVD some of the messages were removed from the DVD so people wouldn’t see it . Now that I have re-watched these movies I am surprised to see that all these movies have these types of messages, messages that I never realized when I was a little kid.

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